# A Win-Win Solution That Assures Salmon For All!

  • A Win-Win Solution That Assures Salmon For All!

    Food Safety - Safe Salmon

    Food Safety - Safe Salmon

  • Tom Hester
  • Poulsen Cascade Tackle
  • My Oregon company, at one time employed 15 full-time workers, building lures and fishing accessories for the sport fishing markets of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Over recent years we were reduced to a workforce of just myself and a few family members due to truncated, unstable salmon seasons.
  • Now, with the potentially good news of a robust spring salmon run, we have hired a part-time production worker and were contemplating moving him to full-time and hiring another part-timer.
  • We had hoped that this was just the beginning of a resurgence that would lead to more sales, more production, and thus more Oregon jobs.
  • But now, due to decisions made by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission that reduce and destabilize sport fishing opportunities, we will have to reconsider.
  • We are not even sure now that we can or should continue to carry a payroll for even our one part-timer.
  • Incidentally, that part-time employee’s wife is disabled and unable to earn a paycheck and he himself has recently been laid off from his full-time job, leaving them and their two kids dependant on this supplemental income.
  • John Weed
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Each year my wife and I invite our family members and friends to join us over Labor Day weekend and through the

    following week to enjoy salmon fishing on the Lower Columbia River.

  • We utilize a minimum of 2 guide/charter boats along with our own boat over that week to accommodate all that come down to join us.
  • We either rent a house for the week or use up to 3 hotel rooms for the week.
  • We average a total of 92 meals in restaurants along with the groceries and snacks we take on the boat and bring back to the house or our motel rooms.
  • We visit local attractions but the salmon fishing is the main attraction that brings us into the community each year.
  • This past year (2011), the lower river closure that took effect on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend greatly affected our family and friends plans for the week.
  • Several of our family members and friends chose not to come down and those that did ended up leaving early.
  • This year we are not planning on spending our usual week down at the coast, the cost is too great for such a risk that the season will be closed down early again.
  • Our average week costs for our family during that week:
  • Lodging: $2,250
  • Restaurants: $900
  • Guides/charters: $1,800 – $2,500
  • Shopping: $250-$700
  • Groceries: $275
  • Local attractions: $200
  • Boat moorage: $140
  • Boat Fuel: $200
  • Total: $6,015 – $7,165
  • We will continue to vacation during that week, the question is where.
  • It makes no sense to make the necessary reservations and deposits with motel/vacation home rentals, guide/charter boats that are necessary months in advance if the main attraction of that vacation is uncertain.
  • My wife and I can certainly spend a week in Hawaii or take a fishing trip in Alaska for the cost of the week we spend at the north coast of Oregon, we would actually prefer to spend that week with family and friends doing the salmon fishing that we all enjoy so much in the state that we live in.
  • David Johnson
  • Oregon Fishing Guide
  • Limited and unpredictable seasons have done nothing but hurt my guide business in rural Tillamook County.
  • Every year I spend (or try to spend) a great deal of my fishing seasons on the Columbia River fishing for salmon, steelhead and sturgeon.
  • And every year we get the same thing, early closures on our fisheries.
  • It has become very difficult to book anglers, especially out of state anglers, during the peak fishing seasons.
  • In fact I am getting less and less out of state guests.
  • Anglers are getting tired of having to change locations or even cancel fishing all together when I have to call them on short notice and tell them that the season has been shut down early.
  • Even on seasons that we are assured will last for the full season.
  • Spring chinook, URB, tule, coho and sturgeon.
  • They all are regularly closed down early.
  • Deposits have to be refunded, hotel and air line reservations have to be canceled and my bills end up late.
  • The poor management of our fisheries is unacceptable.
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  • 155+ years of combined fisheries management experience!
    The authors of the SAFE for Salmon proposal have over 155 years of combined experience managing fisheries and advocating conservation programs.
    Jim Martin, Conservation Director for Berkley Conservation Institute and retired Chief of Fisheries, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
    Bill Shake, retired Assistant Regional Director of Fisheries, US Fish and Wildlife Service
    Rod Sando, retired director for Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources and Idaho Department of Fish and Game
    Don Swartz, retired Fisheries Manager, Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife, and life-long fisherman.

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  • A Win-Win Solution That Assures Salmon For All!
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  • A Win-Win Solution That Assures Salmon For All!

    Okuma/P-Line matches $$$ to move gill-nets off the Columbia River main-stem!

    Attention anglers! Okuma and P-line have issued a $12,500 matching challenge to all Northwest anglers.
    With the goal of doubling sportfishing opportunities on the Columbia, Okuma and P-Line will donate dollar for dollar any donation made to SAFE for Salmon by an angler.
    SAFE for Salmon is a proposal to move gill-nets off the mainstem of the Columbia River into SAFE zones, thus leaving the mainstem for sportfishing.
    Two bills (HB 2734 and SB 554) have been introduced in the Oregon Legislature to set the policy into law.

    With your help, we can pass these bills, extending sport seasons, increasing commercial catches, eliminating wasteful bycatches and reducing hatchery straying in salmon spawning rivers and streams.

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